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veterinary hospital in TulsaWelcome to the blog site of British Veterinary Hospital in Dubai. Here you will find Pet Health Tips to keep your pets safer and healthier. Our Dubai veterinarians and staff have a mission to bring the highest standards of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery to the Middle East, in a friendly, comfortable and approachable environment.

If you have not yet visited our facility we encourage to stop by. You will appreciate our modern veterinary facility where we have invested in the latest anaesthetic monitoring equipment, digital xrays, ultrasonograpy and state of the art laparoscopic surgical equipment, all of which are invaluable when tasked with getting to the bottom of a challenging case.

Moving to Dubai? We can meet all your expectations.

We are committed to excellence when it comes to the level of care we provide.

Dog Owners More Likely to Reach Levels of Fitness

New Study Reveals Show Dog Owners Reach Recommended Levels More Man’s best friend may be more than just a faithful companion.  A new study has revealed dog owners are more likely to reach recommended fitness levels than people without a pet. Researchers say people who own and walk their dogs regularly are 34 per cent more likely [...]
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Pet Allergies Affect Dogs and Cats Too - British Veterinary Hospital

Pet allergies can affect dogs and cats in the same way as they affect humans. With spring well underway, it’s important that you take the time to understand pet allergies, so you can help recognize the symptoms and seek out necessary treatment. Many owners aren’t aware that their beloved pets are suffering due to the same pollens [...]
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Top 9 Cat Health Conditions

Cats don’t really have nine lives — so be sure to take steps to prevent these common cat health conditions now. Your cat is an amazing creature who is very good at taking care of himself, but he depends on you to keep him healthy. This includes yearly trips to the vet for vaccinations and exams, [...]
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